Wedding Hydrangea Flower Color

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 Hydrangea Color Ranges
Be sure to e-mail me the date of your event...and I will send you pictures of the hydrangea that we have in bloom in that time period !!

 Blue Colors

Blue hydrangeas can vary in color from light sky blue, periwinkle blue, deep cobalt blue, to blue with lavender tones.


Hydrangea vary in color from red, dark purple, raspberry, deep violet to pink. We'll do our best to pick the colors you desire.

White & Lavender Shades

White is available May through October .Sometimes it can have a little pink or blue blush. The lavender ranges from a dark to light lavender, we can e-mail you pictures,when close to your ship date, to show you what is blooming.

 Antique-Green-Jewel Tones

Antique hydrangeas are available from mid-July through October. Antique, Green and Jewel Tones vary in shade within the same box or even the same bloom. Antique hydrangea colors include green, burgundy, jewel tones, antique pink, antique blue, antique purple/lavender, and a mixture of all of the above. Antique hydrangeas can be dried to be used in crafts or wreaths. We are unable to guarantee any particular shade of antique hydrangea.

Flower Color:
We will do our best to match the flower color that you choose.Throughout the blooming season, there are natural variations in color depending on the varieties in bloom at the time of your order. Hydrangeas are not varietal color specific such as roses and chrysanthemums. This has to do with the amount of the element Aluminum that the Hydrangea plant is able to absorb through their roots. The more Aluminum that the plant can get into its vascular system, changes the color of its blooms from pink to blue and all the colors in between. Because of this we can not refund you if you are not satisfied with the flower color received since it is not an exact science.

Stem Length and Bloom size:
We will also try our best deliver to you the size of flower and the stem length that you order. We may send you flowers with a longer flower stem; however, we will not substitute, without your permission, a smaller flower head than what you order. If you receive longer stems than what you want, simply cut the stem as short as you need for your vase or arrangement.



(Item 001) 20 Hydrangea Flower Box

This price includes packing and shipping charges, so each flower in your hand is $6.50 per stem when you purchase this 20 flower box. We recommend 6-10 blooms for each of the bridal and bridesmaid's bouquets or hydrangea wedding arrangements.

(Item 002) 40 Hydrangea Flower Box

This listed price includes packing and shipping charges, so each hydrangea flower in your hand is $5.50 per stem.when you purchase this 40 Hydrangea flower box.

(Item 003) 80 Hydrangea Flower Box

This box of 80 Hydrangea flowers is a great value, pricing each flower at $5.00 per stem, including the boxing and shipping costs. This number of hydrangea flowers will go a long way for your DIY wedding.

(Item 004) 160 Hydrangea Flower Box

These 160 Hydrangea Flowers are priced at our best wholesale rate of $4.85 per stem, including the boxing and shipping costs.  This number of hydrangea flowers will go a long way for your special event, allowing you to make many hydrangea wedding arrangements at each table and for a number of hydrangea wedding bouquets if needed. You can request your selection of colors for this 32 bunch order in the "Special Instructions field" at check out.

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