Hydrangea Wedding Flowers

At WEDDINGHYDRANGEA.COM, we take pride in growing beautiful wedding flowers. Our customers like knowing that they are purchasing their hydrangea flower direct from a family farm in California USA. Many Do It Yourself (DIY) Wedding brides and designers have commented that they enjoy getting to know our family, seeing the service we can provide, and the quality of care that sets us apart because of being a hands on farmer of these white hydrangea, green hydrangea, and all the colors that the hydrangea flower can be. We are involved in every detail, from growing our Hydrangia flowers, to harvesting hydrangea flower, carefully packing each of your spring or summer wedding flowers orders to be used for your DIY wedding and hydrangea bouquets, for your hydrangea wedding centerpieces, or for your hydrangea wedding cake !! Making sure we Ship these hydrangea flower to you in a timely manner.


Because you are purchasing your wedding hydrangea flowers direct from us at the farm, you can be sure that you are getting the best price for these hydrangea flower. You are bypassing two to three levels in the distribution chain.You will save from each of the increases that would occur. You also will get the attention to detail from us that isn't possible from the larger multiple flower item web sites. Wedding flowers is what we specialize in. When ordering purple hydrangea, blue hydrangea, white hydrangea, lavender hydrangea, green hydrangea or the antique jewel tone hydrangeas, we will do our best to send you what you request.

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If you would, fill out this Contact form. It enables me to answer any question you may have such as what colors of hydrangea flowers are available at the date of your event. I would then be able to e-mail you back pictures of the hydrangea blooms and any other info you are requesting. Also including your cell number allows me to communicate via text, which is a good way to reach me. Thank You, jim@weddinghydrangea.com

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(Item 001) 20 Hydrangea Flower Box​

This price includes packing and shipping charges, so each flower in your hand is $6.50 per stem when you purchase this 20 flower box. We recommend 6-10 blooms for each of the bridal and bridesmaid's bouquets or hydrangea wedding arrangements.

(Item 002) 40 Hydrangea Flower Box

This listed price includes packing and shipping charges, so each hydrangea flower in your hand is $5.50 per stem.when you purchase this 40 Hydrangea flower box.

(Item 003) 80 Hydrangea Flower Box

This box of 80 Hydrangea flowers is a great value, pricing each flower at $5.00 per stem
,including the boxing and shipping costs. This number of hydrangea flowers will go a long way for your DIY wedding.

(Item 004) 160 Hydrangea Flower Box

These 160 Hydrangea Flowers are priced at our best wholesale rate of $4.85 per stem
,including the boxing and shipping costs.  This number of hydrangea flowers will go a long way for your special event, allowing you to make many hydrangea wedding arrangements at each table and for a number of hydrangea wedding bouquets if needed. You can request your selection of colors for this 32 bunch order in the "Special Instructions field" at check out. 



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